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Services to grow your class and fit your budget

Wolverine One-Design Management specializes in providing a wide range of services to sailing organizations to facilitate their engines – their volunteers. Our clients engage us for help in reaching specific goals or to prepare comprehensive plans that analyze several issues. You have the flexibility to use our services for a one-time engagement, over a series of projects, or on an on-going basis.


We can provide central class archival space, a static mailing address, phone number and e-mail address. No longer do you have to update your class contact information whenever there’s a change in class administration. There’s consistency and regularity in communication.


We can help you establish realistic, achievable goals for your organization or event. Then we’ll help you develop a plan to achieve them.


We produce high-quality event posters/NORs, magazines, newsletters, websites and logos. We write press releases and distribute them far and wide. We get the word out so your class members can do what they love best – sail.

The Business

We’ve been successful business people for over twenty-five years. We know how important it is to get money to the bank every day, ensure receivables are collected and payables managed. We’re stingy, and we treat our client’s money better than we treat our own.

Customized solutions based on your current need

The following are some of the solutions that we can provide for you based on your specific circumstances and goals:

  • Newletter production and mailing
  • Membership database management
  • Membership drives
  • Event planning and promotion
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Web site creation, updating and maintainance
  • Attend annual class meetings and prepare consolidated reports
  • Event program production
  • Risk assessment and insurance needs analysis

Get started today with an Advisory Meeting

We offer a complimentary, no-obligation Advisory Meeting to discuss your current situation, goals, and objectives. This meeting is an opportunity for us to exchange information and for you to get an even better sense of whether we are the right fit for your organization. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary Advisory Meeting.