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Full Management Services

An in-depth plan that covers all of the major areas of your organizations needs: central office facilities, administrative services, membership data and fulfillment, financial services, publications (NORs, newsletters, collateral material), marketing, web site, meetings and miscellaneous other services. All the services that a full-time, class Executive Secretary or Director would be expected to do.

Typical Fee: Depends on size of class and depth of services. However, typically it would be 15% of membership dues collected,  20% of advertising and new class sponsorship revenue that results from the direct efforts of W1DM (this includes the value of “in-kind” sponsorship) and $50 per composed newsletter page (new pages, not ads or other drop-in items). Direct expenses are reimbursed (office supplies, copying, postage, etc.)

Contact us to talk about our Full Management services.

Advanced Publication Production

Advanced publication production covers items such as a newsletter, magazine, event program or a class calendar. This can be a one-time engagement (event program) or an on-going engagement (newsletter or magazine).  Click here to see the magazine we produce for the Hobie Class Association. Click here to see our event programs.

Typical Fee: $75 per composed page (new pages, not ads or other drop-in items)..

Contact us to talk to us about advanced publication production.

Event Poster / Notice of Race

A custom-designed poster for your event is a great promotional tool. The posters we produce can be fully compliant with RRS Appendix J, and are suitable for large format printing. These are great for spreading the word about your event and the artwork can be translated to other media (T-shirts, trophies,etc.). Click to see what we did for the Hobie Cat 40th Anniversary Regatta.

Typical Fee: varies from $100 - $500 depending on what artwork and verbiage is supplied by event and required design work (logo development costs more).

Contact us to brainstorm on an event poster at an Advisory Meeting.

Web Site Creation / Updating / Maintenance

We can design a new website from scratch, update your existing site, or fix what doesn't work. We can also facilitate and post new content on a regular basis - that's key to keep your members coming back to the site regularly to see what's new. Most importantly, regular site updates let prospective new members know that you have a vibrant and healthy class. (You're looking at the kind of web work we do . . . )

Typical Fee: $35 per hour. Packages of hours are available for specific tasks.

Contact us to talk about your Internet promotion needs.

À la Carte

We often take on special projects on an hourly or set fee basis. Event management and promotion, a membership drive - any job that you need done right now - give us a call and we'll see if we can help.

Typical Fee: $25/hour, hours limited by assignment.

Contact us to talk about your current project.